Aquarium Plants

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Amazon Sword
The Amazon Sword plant (Echinodorus amazonicus) has arrow shaped bright green leaves, It is a well k..
Anacharis Elodea
Because an Anacharis plant is so adaptable to a wide range of water conditions, Anacharis care is re..
Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica)
Banana Plants (Nymphoides Aquatica) are unusual in that they can be grown rooted or as floating plan..
Cabomba Caroliniana
Native to North and South America, this aquatic plant is also known as the Carolina Fanwort. The sho..
Cardinal Plant
Cardinal Plant (Lobelia Cardinalis)  is fairly easy to grow. Lighting should be moderate to str..
Christmas Moss 2.5"x2.5" mat
Vesicularia montagnei or Christmas moss, Is similar to Java moss but its growth is like the mature ..
Corkscrew Val. (Vallisneria Americana)
Vallisneria americana, also called Corkscrew Val, is a wide blade, grass-like plant, in which the le..
Crinum Calamistratum
Crinum Calamistratum is from West Africa. It is a bulb plant with unique ribbon like leaves. This Cr..
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown: There are many varieties of Cryptocoryne. This is the Wendtii Brown vari..
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
There are many varieties of Cryptocoryne. The Wendtii Green variety is one of the most robust crypts..
Duckweed, is a very small light green free-floating, seed bearing plant. Duckweed has 1 to 3 leaves ..
Dwarf Tiger Lotus
The Dwarf Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea maculate) is an African lily that is commonly used in aquariums. It ..
Erect Moss 2.5"x2.5" mat
Vesicularia reticulata or Erect Moss as indicated by its name, its immersed aquatic growth is upri..
Fissidens Splachnobryoides 2.5"x2.5" mat
Fissidens Splachnobryoidesis is a good moss to make a foreground green carpet for any aquarium. It ..
Flame Moss 2.5x2.5mat
Flame Moss is a java moss type with fine delicate stems.  It has the name flame because due to ..
Flame Sword
The Flame Sword (Echinodorus red flame) has dark green leave with distinct rusty red small spotting;..
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