Subadult Catfish

Catfish Starter Kit
This catfish starter kit comes with everything you need to get started,including plants,  catfi..
Albino Bushy Nose Long Fin 2"
This is the albino version of the Long Fin Bushy Nose. These are great fish to have since they will ..
Pictus Catfish 2"-2.5"
Pictus catfish (Pimelodus Pictus), Is a very active and nervous catfish, it is silver colored with s..
Synodontis Black Panther 2.5"
The Black Panther synodontis is a hybrid. BioAquatix has been carefullly working on selecting favora..
Synodontis Panda 2"-2.5"
This Hybrid catfish is originally from Lake Tanganyika; It is silver white in color and brighter mor..
Synodontis Petricola 'Dwarf' 2"-2.5"
This African catfish is native from Lake Tanganyika; It is silver white in color with black spots ar..
Synodontis Scribbled 2.5"
Synodontis scribled (Synodontis hybrid). This synodontis is dark brown/black with silver to yellow s..
Albino Bushy Nose Short Fin 2.5"
This fish does not get very big, it has a maximum size of 5 inches. It is a very good custodial fish..
Royal Farlowella 2"-2.5"
The Royal Farlowella is a stick like pleco catfish from South America. BioAquatiX has been breeding ..
Royal Farlowella Albino 2"-2.5"
This is the albino version of the Farlowella. They are very peaceful and get along great with most o..
Synodontis 'Green Leopard' 2"-2.5"
The Green Leopard is an hybrid is a cross between Synodontis Petricola and Multipunctatus. The Jagua..
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