The Synodontis Jaguar is an hybrid fish simply made by fertilizing the eggs of the Synodontis Decorus with a Multipunctatus male. It displays the same behavior as their Synodontis parents and are generally easy to maintain. These fish are somewhat shy, except during feeding times. They will keep your tank clean and will occasionally show you surprising behavior.

This is a 6 lot of fish, each item ordered is for 6 fish.

Scientific NameHybrid: Synodontis Decorus X Synodontis Multipunctatus
Natural originN/A
Origin of this specimenTank born and raised by bioAquatiX
Generation filialF1
pH range7.5 to 9.0: best 8.0 to 8.5
Temperature range (°F)70 to 85
Mature length (in a tank)6 inches
Minimum tank size5 gallons

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Synodontis 'Jaguar' (1"-1.5") - 6 Lot

  • Brand: BioAquatiX
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