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Geophagus Proximus is a large peaceful geo (10-12 inches), this colorful fish is easy to care for. The males’ gets larger than females, both fish are colorful and golden in color with a hint of red marking in the body and tail. These are captive bred and will accept a variety of foods. This geo tolerates a wide range of temperatures (75-88 F) and does well in soft more neutral water (ph 6.5 -7.5) to show its full coloration.

They will do well in some planted aquarium when small in size, but as it gets larger it will forage and dig through the substrate looking for food, which will disrupt the roots.  We recommend using potted plants and a sandy substrate for this fish. It is not known to be a predator, but will eat small fish if the opportunity arises. We recommend keeping this fish in larger aquariums, 55 gallon and up. Does well with other geos, severum, plecos, catfish, larger tetras and some more peaceful cichlids 

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