A rare and unique fish with a very cool look. These will widen the eyes of any kid (including the expert aquarist). The Royal Farlowella is a slim and long fish that has armor-like scales. They are very peaceful and get along great with most other fish. This is a great custodial fish who loves to clean plants and the glass of the aquarium - it will keep your tank spotless. The Farlowella will do great in small tanks, and gets along well with all our small fish and shrimps.

Scientific NameSturisoma Aureum
Natural originAmazon Brazil
Origin of this specimenTank born and raised by bioAquatiX
Generation filialF1-F3
pH range5.0 to 8.5: best 7.0 to 7.5
Temperature range (°F)70 to 90: best 80 to 82
Mature length (in a tank)8 to 10 inches
Minimum tank size5 gallons

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Royal Farlowella (2.5")

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