Shrimp Starter Kit
This shrimp starter kit comes with everything you need to get started,including plants, and fresh wa..
Amano Shrimp 1.5"
Is not a colorful animal, but makes up by being a very good cleaner, it is a very active shrimp, wil..
Black Berry Rili Shrimp 0.5"
 Black Berry Rili Shrimp have two dark blue and black stripes. Black Berry Rili shrimp have dar..
Black Charcoal Shrimps 0.5"
Black Charcoal Shrimp are a very dark blue / brown color. Black Charcoal shrimp have dark colored le..
Black Rili Shrimps 0.5"
Black Rili Shrimp head and tail are dark Blue/Brown, the middle of the body is a pale translucent co..
Bloody Mary Red Shrimp 0.5"
Bloody Mary Shrimp are a deep red color. Bloody Mary's have red legs and bodies as opposed to Cherry..
Blue Sapphire Shrimp 0.5"
Blue Sapphire Shrimp show a glossy royal blue throughout their body and legs when they are comfortab..
Celestine Blue Shrimp 0.5"
Celestine Blue Shrimp are a translucent crystal blue color. Celestine Blue Shrimp have clear legs an..
Dark Copper Shrimp 0.5"
Dark Copper Shrimp whole body is almost black with a copper sheen and a hint of red, they look diffe..
Dwarf Mexican Crayfish 1"-1.25"
This is a small crustacean, does not get much bigger than two inches, therefore not recommended for ..
Emerald Blue Shrimps 0.5"
 Emerald Blue Shrimp head and tail are pearly blue green color, sometime they look more green t..
Green Shrimp 0.5"
Green Shrimp have a light green color throughout their body and legs, they are not as bright as the ..
Orange and White Shrimp 0.5"
Orange and White Shrimp are bright orange peal color with White in the head when they are comfortabl..
Orange Sakura Shrimp 0.5"
Orange Sakura Shrimp are bright orange peal color and sometime when they are comfortable settle in t..
Red Cherry Shrimp 0.5"
Red Cherry Shrimp are a red color not as deep as the Bloody Mary shrimp. Red Cherry's which have red..
Red Rili Shrimp 0.5"
Red Rili Shrimp head and tail are dark red, the middle of the body is a pale translucent color which..
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