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This African catfish is native from Lake Tanganyika; It is silver white in color with black spots arranged in a leopard-like pattern. This catfish grows to about 4-5 inches. The male are slender and have a higher dorsal fin, while females are wider than the male. bioAquatiX has been breeding this catfish for many years. This is a schooling catfish that prefers the company of its own kind and is an excellent all around swimmer. Contrary to other synodontis, this one does not seem sensitive to bright lights in the aquarium and does not enjoy hiding as much as his cousin the synodontis petricola. 

This catfish is omnivores and will eat anything from vegetable to more meaty food. It is not a picky eater, but prefers meat based over vegetable based food. They do well individually or in small groups. 

It is a peaceful catfish, but will tend to predate on small aquarium fish if they are not well fed. This catfish is known to hold its own with most aquarium cichlids found in the aquarium hobby. It is an aquarium fish that does very well in most aquarium setup.

Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 1"-1.25"

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