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The featherfin synodontis (Synodontis eupterus). This species is found in the rivers of North Africa. They have the ability to make noises and communicate with one another and also for their high feather-like fin which is valued by many hobbyists. Wild specimens can grow to a length of 24 cm (10 in) SL. Young featherfin squeakers are brown marble with black stripes pattern, while adults will develop a dull gray color with small brown spots. The dorsal fin develops into a beautiful dorsal fin, which rays out, much like a fan. Young featherfin squeakers will have a brown marble with black stripes pattern, while adults will develop into a dull gray color with brown spots with a very large fan like dorsal fin.

Just like with any other bottom dwellers catfish, they do not like to be overcrowded as this may result in territorial disputes. The addition of caves and other hiding places will allow for several featherfin to be housed together. Sometimes, like its cousin the Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris), it may turn upside down in order to get food. This will usually only happen when it is feeding on floating food at the surface.

They have been known to be territorial, especially when breeding. There are fish that they will coexist with, however. These fish include large Cichlids, as they are equally aggressive. They will sometimes get along with other catfish. Eupterus Syno get large, they need to be housed in large tanks. They need lots of rocks and caves to hide in, as well as moderate plant decoration. Featherfin squeakers like live plants, and will not bother them. At maturity, they will grow to a size from five to eight inches.

Scientific Name Synodontis Eupterus
Family Mochokidae
Natural origin Africa
Origin of this specimen
Tank born and raised by bioAquatiX
Generation filial F5
pH range 6.5 to 8.0: best 7.0 to 7.5
Temperature range (°F) 70 to 85
Mature length (in a tank) 10 inches
Minimum tank size 5 gallons  

Purchase Size:1.5"

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