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 Synodontis Flavitaniatus is a nice and peaceful synodontis that does not get very big ( 4 to 5 inch.  This fish when young is brown with a marble pattern in color, but as it grows older it develop reddish lines throughout the body, looking like a stripped pyjama.  This fish is aquarium bred and will accept a wide variety of food. It is also known as to do well in planted aquariums. 

Just like with any other bottom dwellers catfish, they do not like to be overcrowded as this may result in territorial disputes. The addition of caves and other hiding places will allow for several Flavitaniatus and/or other catfish to be housed together.

This fish is a good addition to any community aquarium composed of fish larger than 1.5- 2 inches, Flavitaniatus may try to eat smaller fish during the night. This fish does well in a wide range of water condition, temperature range 70-90 F, Ph 6 to 8, soft and hard water. But for this fish to show its full behavior should be kept in a warm and more neutral water environment. Ph of 7.5 and temperature above 80 F.

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