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Uruguayensis Sword ( Echinochorus uruguayensis ).  Is a hardy sword plant native of South America.  I will grow in slightly acidic water PH of 6.5 up to 8.0.  When grown submerge form the bright green leaves grows long and narrow. The light-green leaves with a fluted margin are very attractive.  It is also a suitable plant for hard water found in many aquariums. A nutritious bottom promotes growth. Echinodorus uruguayensis is a good sword plant variety to use in the background areas of the aquarium.  


When combined with darker colors such as other plants or wood.  This Sword plant will create a nice contrast against darker plants and wood.  Leaves commonly attain 30-60cm/12-24 inches or more, and are narrow (3-4 cm and sometime less) with a slightly undulating margin.  In slightly acidic water, temperatures within the optimum range of 70-82 F and some regular fertilization will encourage good growth and darker green coloration under moderate light, and light green leaves under strong light. 



Size per unit  7-8 inches 


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