• Ancistrus Albino Breeding Trio

 This is the albino version of the common bushy nose. These are great fish to have since they will keep you tank very clean and do not grow too large. The males will develop soft tentacles growing on its face. Females will grow small ones along the edge of their face. They eat a wide variety of food but prefer plant based diets.

Scientific Name
Natural originAmazon
Origin of this specimenTank born and raised by bioAquatiX
Generation filialF1
pH range5.0 to 8.5: best 7.0 to 7.5
Temperature range (°F)70 TO 90: BEST 80 TO 82
Mature length (in a tank)5 inch
Minimum tank size5 gal

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Ancistrus Albino Breeding Trio

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Tags: Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus, bushy nose, bushy nose catfish, catfish