Live Plants , Tissue culture and Malaysian driftwood

Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica)
Banana Plants (Nymphoides Aquatica) are unusual in that they can be grown rooted or as floating plan..
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown: There are many varieties of Cryptocoryne. This is the Wendtii Brown vari..
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
There are many varieties of Cryptocoryne. The Wendtii Green variety is one of the most robust crypts..
Duckweed, is a very small light green free-floating, seed bearing plant. Duckweed has 1 to 3 leaves ..
Dwarf Tiger Lotus
The Dwarf Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea maculate) is an African lily that is commonly used in aquariums. It ..
Flame Moss 2.5x2.5mat
Flame Moss is a java moss type with fine delicate stems.  It has the name flame because due to ..
Flame Sword
The Flame Sword (Echinodorus red flame) has dark green leave with distinct rusty red small spotting;..
Guppy Grass
Guppy Grass, Najas Grass (Najas Guadalupensis) is very easy to grow and is a hardy plant. You can ju..
Hygrophila Compacta
Hygrophila Compacta, this plant originates from Asia and will adapt to a variety of water conditions..
Java Fern
Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) is found in Thailand, Malaysia, and some areas of China. Found in it..
Java Moss
Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) Native to Southeast Asia, it is commonly used in freshwater aquarium..
Ludwigia Super Red Mini
Among the several varieties of Ludwigia species, this is one of the smallest with small round leaves..
Madagascar Lace 6”-8”
Madagascar Lace (Aponogeton madagascariensis ).  This plant originates from Madagascar.  I..
Melon Sword
The Melon Sword plant (Echinodorus osiris) has round green leaves. It is known as a tall plant in th..
Mini Xmas Moss 2.5x2.5 mat
Mini Xmas Moss is a java moss type with fine delicate branching stems.  It has the name Xmas Mo..
Pygmy Water Lily
The Pygmy Water Lily (Nymphaea stellata) is a plant native to India and Sri Lanka and is very popula..
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