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Giant Sagittaria Grows in static or slow-moving water such as streams and pond margins. It is an ideal foreground plant for large aquariums or in the middle of smaller aquariums. It forms a slightly dispersed group with its runners. A nutritious bottom promotes growth. High light levels, nutrient rich substrate and good water movement is beneficial.

The "giant" refers to the leaf thickness (up to 1,5 cm) which is greater than other similar species. It can grow up to 3 feet tall in ideal conditions so infrequent pruning of the long grassy stalks with a pair of scissors may be necessary.

Because of it's size this plant can be used as a centerpiece for any nano tank or bioAquatiX bioBowl with an entire aquascape designed around it.

Livebearers and egg scattering fish love this type of plant and will zip between the stalks and leaves.


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