Aquarium Plants

What you are looking at here are aquarium plants

Myrio Green
Myrio, Green (Myriophyllum pinnatum) this plant is found in Central and South Ameri..
Potted Bacopa
Bacopa is a fast growing bunch plant that really doesn't require that much attention. The leaves of ..
Potted Java Fern
Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) is found in Thailand, Malaysia, and some areas of China. F..
Potted Melon Sword
The Melon Sword plant (Echinodorus osiris) has round green leaves. It is known as a tall plant in th..
Potted Micro Sword
Micro Sword  (Lilaeopsis sp. Brasiliensis)  , This plant looks more like a tall ..
Potted Water Sprite
Water Sprite Lace (Ceratopteris thalictroides) this aquatic plant commonly known as the Indian ..
Potted Wisteria
Potted Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) is grown emerged, does better during shipping,  is hardy..
Radican Sword
The Radican Sword plant (Echinodorus cordifolius) has green marble oval shape leaves on ..
Red Ludwigia
Red Ludwigia is an amphibious plant that will grow either partially or fully submersed. In its ful..
Red Melon Sword
The Red Melon Sword plant (Echinodorus barthii) has rusty green oval shape leaves on long..
Red Melon Sword
The Red Melon Sword plant (Echinodorus barthii)has rusty green oval shape leaves on long stem..
Red Roots Floaters
Phyllanthus Fluitans originates from the Amazon River Basin. It is a floating plant known in the aq..
Red Rubin Sword
The Red Rubin Sword plant (Echinodorus rubin) has green leaves when grown out of the water an..
Riccia Fluitans
Riccia fluitans, or crystalwort, is a floating bladderwort which can be found all over the world, b..
Ruffle Sword
The Ruffle Sword (Echinodorus martii) has bright light green leave; it is a known aquarium plant. ..
Scarlet Temple
Scarlet Temple (Alternanthera Reineckii) is a beautiful plant with reddish-pink underneath it's le..
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