Hygrophila Polysperma is a popular aquarium plants which performs very well in most aquarium environments. Undemanding but grows much quicker with good light and CO2 infusion. Very easy to propagate as any part of the plant will take root and grow, even the leaves. Under high light this plant will grow rapidly and will need regular pruning.

 A perfect plant for the midground or background areas of your aquarium where a bushy feature is desired. If not trimmed often, growth can get leggy. By trimming regularly you will encourage the plant to development multiple shoots and as a result, a bushy plant is achieved. Growth can be fast, so be prepared to put in some time maintaining it, including fertilizing, trimming, re-planting and shaping.

When trimming, cut at any desired position and replant the cutting. The new plants will develop roots within a week.

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Hygrophila Polysperma

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