Dwarf Tiger Lotus
The Dwarf Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea maculate) is an African lily that is commonly used in aquariums. It ..
Flame Sword
The Flame Sword (Echinodorus red flame) has dark green leave with distinct rusty red small spotting;..
Hygrophila Compacta
Hygrophila Compacta, this plant originates from Asia and will adapt to a variety of water conditions..
Ludwigia Super Red Mini
Among the several varieties of Ludwigia species, this is one of the smallest with small round leaves..
Pygmy Water Lily
The Pygmy Water Lily (Nymphaea stellata) is a plant native to India and Sri Lanka and is very popula..
Red Rubin Sword
The Red Rubin Sword plant (Echinodorus rubin) has green leaves when grown out of the water and when ..
Wendtii Red
Wendtii Red or Cryptocoryne wendtii "Red" is a beautiful reddish brown variety of Cryptocoryne wendt..
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