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Heteranthera zosterifolia often called stargrass, is a native of Brazil. It is a beautiful plant which forms a lot of side shoots and thus quickly forms a bushy plant group, with star shape leaves. Stems can become 30-50 cm tall and 6-12 cm wide.  It grows in still water and in marshy areas. This fragile, soft-leaved plant is relatively common in the aquatic hobby.


This plant is relatively easy to grow and an excellent indicator of aquarium conditions.  Although it can be grown in lower light and non-CO2 conditions, it will show its full potential under high light, CO2 and some fertilizers.

H. zosterifolia responds well to pruning the tops off and leaving the rooted portions. With this treatment, stargrass produces a profusion of new side shoots which results in very dense, bushy growth.


This plant is commonly used in both Dutch and Nature Aquarium style aquariums. It is often pruned short as a foreground plant and allowed to grow tall as a background plant.




Hardiness: Easy

Light Needs: Medium

Plant Structure: Stem

Family: Pontederiaceae

Genus: Heteranthera

Region: Central/South America

Location: Brazil

Size: Individual stem width: 5-12cm (2-5in)

Growth Rate: Fast

Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes


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