Brand: BioAquatiX
Product Code: Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan
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This is a beautiful plant that grows quickly and stays low and this is a major reason why it's so popular as a foreground plant in aquariums. The leaves are small, have a distinctly clover shape and have a fresh green color which makes them stand out. It is not demanding plant to care for but if you want a nice carpeted growth strong light is necessary. This plant creates a great environment for shrimp and small fish to feel safe and secure.

Tissue cultured plants are cultured in sterile environments. They are free of snails and disease pathogens. They have an extended shelf life and a perfect for aquascaping. These plants are small and have short roots so they can be   challenging to plant. Gluing or using thread to attach portions to small pieces of rock, then submerging the rock in to the substrate works well.


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