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Taxiphyllum barbieri from South-East Asia is a hardy plant which does require special water conditions or high light levels. This moss can become 1 - 4 inches thick and attaches readily to  any surface. It is ideal for decorating stones and tree roots in the aquarium. Attach the plant with a piece of fishing line or cotton thread until it has gained a hold on the décor. As this moss establishes itself it will require regular trimming to achieve an optimal look. In breeding aquariums Taxiphyllum barbieri creates wonderful hiding places for young fish and freshwater shrimp.

Tissue cultured plants are cultured in sterile environments. They are free of snails and disease pathogens. They have an extended shelf life and a perfect for aquascaping. These plants are small and have short roots so they can be   challenging to plant. Gluing or using thread to attach portions to small pieces of rock, then submerging the rock in to the substrate works well.

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